The Pastoral Parish in the Modern World

8 Group Exercises to Teach the New Vocabulary of Pastoral Ministry and How to Enact It

Available as a paperback book or a reproducible eResource

A planning workbook for today's Church. Many new and compelling approaches to pastoral ministry have recently emerged within the Church. We can no longer lead our parishes as we did five, ten, or twenty years ago. From accompaniment to synodality—along with the discernment needed for each—to missionary discipleship and increased evangelization, we have many new ideas to understand and enact.

This workbook provides exercises to help you define, decode, and implement these new initiatives. Written in plain English by pastoral theologian Bill Huebsch with examples from master storyteller David Wells, this resource will help you succeed in your parish.


  • Eight group exercises with excellent discussion questions
  • Introductory videos online to introduce each topic
  • Background drawn from the Catechism, Vatican II, and the magisterium
  • A process leading to a parish pastoral plan embracing all eight concepts

The concepts

  1. Pastoral Ministry (view video)
  2. Synodality (view video)
  3. Discernment (view video)
  4. Evangelization (view video)
  5. Catechesis (view video)
  6. Accompaniment (view video)
  7. Theological Reflection (view video)
  8. Missionary Discipleship (view video)